Saturn Rocks


I had an interview this morning down in Palo Alto, then afterwards on the way back up to San Francisco I decided to finally to get the oil changed in my Saturn for the first time since I bought it. Yeah, yeah, I know. It only has 10k miles on it, so it's not that bad... but it's been way over due for a while and lights had started blinking at me on my dashboard. So I finally had to make time...

Anyways, not to sound like customer testimonial, but the Saturn dealership in Colma was very cool - No slimy car dealers, just a comfortable waiting area, with two internet-enabled PCs (yeah!), and friendly staff. I can't imagine buying any car but a Saturn from now on. It turns out that I needed to get my 6,000 mile checkup as well, so they took about 3 hours to get everything done. I spent the first couple of hours at the nearby shopping center having lunch and then looking for stuff for Alex in the Target (a little "Harold" helicopter) and then spent that last hour in front of their PC. Long, but worth the wait. Because I bought the super-neato-very-expensive-warranty-thing when I got the car, I didn't have to pay a dime for either the oil change, the checkup or the air-filter they had to change. Rock.

It's so nice to get that thing off my to-do list. It's been on there since I past 3k miles. I left my copy of Getting Things Done back in Spain, I think I need to go buy another copy.



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