Ever see the moon rise? I mean actually move? I never have until this evening. Not in my entire life. The moon has always just appeared in the sky above me.

My wife called from the park and told me how cold it was out - there was a serious wind coming in off the Pacific and made a pleasant day into a chilly evening. I wanted to see what she was talking about, so I wandered up to the roof of my apartment building where there's a deck to feel the chill and breathe a bit of fresh air. The sun was setting over the Presidio to the west and over the tops of the TransAmerica Pyramid, a huge moon was rising. Because it was behind the building and on the horizon, I could actually *see it move*. Very cool. I watched the sun set behind the hills, illuminating the Golden Gate Bridge, then turned around to see moon getting higher and higher.

Very cool. I didn't take the picture above, but that's sort of what it looked like (only the sky was considerably lighter, being sunset). I should've gone back downstairs and grabbed my camera.

Just thought I'd share. :-)


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