BAMF BOF Tomorrow! 4 p.m. at the Thirsty Bear


From the Bay Area Mobility Forum blog:

We're planning a BAMF Bird of a Feather meeting during CTIA so that we can get a chance to meet with some of those out-of-towners. For those who might not be familiar with it, "Bird of a Feather" is a term used to describe a smaller break out session occurring during a larger meeting. In general the meeting focuses in more detail on particular characteristics or interests than the larger gathering. Our topic is going to be consumer facing connected mobile apps. Think social networking, location based multiplayer games, context sensitive notifications, etc. Do you have to be working in these areas to attend? Of course not, the meeting is open to all. Here are the details:

  • When: Tuesday Oct 26th starting at 4:00pm
  • Where: Thirsty Bear (661 Howard St, San Francisco - just a block from the Moscone center)
  • Who: Anyone with a healthy interest in mobility
  • Cost: Nothing, though it is considered good form to purchase something from the establishment so that we don't seem like mooches and get kicked out

If you're going to be in from out of town for CTIA please join us. If you're from town and want to hobnob please join us. Pass the message along too. If you're working on an interesting mobile project there are few places better than BAMF to find like minded individuals willing to share ideas.

See you then!


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