Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 Now


Please feel free to check out Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 online in streaming video now (available until I get a takedown order). I think this is a very important movie to see, especially in light of today's news.

I snagged the movie file from somewhere online and all I could find was Windows .wmv format, sorry. It's a very small screen version, with not very clear sound around 40MB. Please feel free to "Save As" to watch it on your mobile device later if you like.

Update: I should have done this right off the bat, Please buy the DVD, to thank Michael Moore and encourage others to create dissenting media in the future.

Update 2: If you want a nicer version to watch in Quicktime or a link to a torrent, check out the Never Forget website. Rock! This post may be updated again, I'm messing with their 220MB Quicktime movie and seeing if I can make it smaller, more streamable.


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