Voter Bill of Rights

Remember, from now through Election Day, Republican strategy is simple:

  1. Discourage Democratic voters from going to the polls by filling the airwaves with predictions of doom and gloom.
  2. Delay voting and create lines at polls by challenging voters and election officials.
  3. Deny voters the opportunity to cast their votes and have them counted.

Don't let anyone deprive you of the right to vote.

Read through the list below and be aware of your rights before you go to the polls, and use the information below if you encounter any harassment or intimidation.

  • You are entitled to vote without being harassed or intimidated by anyone.
  • Bring personal identification with you to the polls (driver’s license, government ID, bank statement or utility bill).
    - If you forget your ID, you can still vote. (In some states, all you need to do is sign an affidavit. In others, you can vote by provisional ballot.)
  • If records show you have moved, you can vote by signing an address confirmation.
  • If you are in line at the polling place before the polls close, you can vote.
  • You have the right to receive a demonstration of voting equipment before voting.
  • If you are disabled or are over the age of 65, you have the right to an accessible polling place and help in voting.

If anyone challenges your right to vote:

  • Talk to the Voting Rights attorney at your polling place.
  • Ask for the name of the person who is denying you the right to vote and write it down.
  • Ask to talk to a supervisor and lodge a complaint.


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