Toll House Cookies


The other day we saw this program on the Food Channel about the history of cookies, which talked about everything from dry biscuits all the way to the Oreo Cookie and Nestle's Toll House Cookies. You can see the history of the Toll House cookie here.

I've gained so much weight it's insane (when I'm stressed, I eat) so probably the last thing I need right now is a big batch of chocolate chip and walnut cookies, but after I saw that program, the next time I was down at Safeway, I decided to grab the bag of Nestle's semi-sweet chocolate chips (which had the recipe on the back) and snag the other ingredients while I was thinking about them. This is probably the first time in a half a dozen years that I've made cookies from scratch. Just thought I'd share (and make you jealous).

Mmmmm. Cooookie doooough...


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