Video Riot 7 p.m. Tonight in San Francisco!


Michael O'Rourke of Dimension 7 Studios (where we usually hold our BAMF meetings) gave me a heads up that tonight is going to be Video Riot displayed on the massive white building across the street from his offices.

Video RI0T_2004

150 Folsom (@ Spear) San Francisco CA November 7th 2004 7:00PM "Gasp of Freedom"

The 3rd annual Video RIOT, hosted by Video Salon will happen again this year on Sunday evening November 7th 2004. Part multi-screen, drive-in, part head bobbin tailgate party armed with an assault of live video mixing tools. Dozens of local artists descend on a block-long parking lot, and project their video art on a giant white building 7 stories tall. The underground nature of the work and the fact that the entire show (about 40 projectors and audio broadcast to car stereos) is set up within an hour earns this event the often misunderstood name "RIOT".

This year’s video RIOT, with its political theme "gasp of freedom", is dedicated to the peaceful expression of dissent with words and images more powerful than the rhetoric around us... Artists will protest the election fiasco, using their video projection soapbox before their last gasp of freedom is extinguished (pics).

“Nowhere else has there been a Video Riot, where more than 70 video virtuosos splattered their art onto the 200-foot outer wall of a downtown building�?.

Sounds very cool - I'm definitely going to drive over and check it out.


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