BAMF becomes Mobile Monday USA


So after about six months and four cool meetings, it's become obvious that the biggest challenge to getting the Bay Area Mobility Forum working like clockwork was the calendar itself. Figuring out when to hold a meeting (and then where) has been the reason we haven't had more of them.

Then the other day I saw this video about Mobile Monday in Japan, saw that there's a Mobile Monday in Finland and decided that really what's needed is a a Mobile Monday USA! Thus BAMF is now Yes, it's a bit unilateral, but hey, the domain was free. :-)

This solves the main problem - meetings are now on the first Monday of every month. Easy! Also, I'm hoping that now that the name is more generic, we can include other cool groups like BayCHI and other groups to join in. We'll keep track of the major announcements here and try to get a mailing list going as well.

I'm excited about the change. Love to hear your thoughts! Oh, and see you on Dec. 6th!


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