The mBoom Continued

I've gotten calls from at least five different recruiters over the past few weeks, maybe more I'm losing count. ESPN in New York is looking to flesh out their MVNO team and just today I got a call for a couple positions include a java server side development lead for a WAP 2.0 site and a client side development lead, half for porting apps to a BREW platform and the other half pure R&D here in San Francisco.

Gee, I remember the *last* time I got unsolicited calls from recruiters - that was back in 1999. There's so much buzz in the valley for mobile tech right now it's insane, and the din is getting louder every day. Right now the rates aren't as high (my last development contract in 1999 was for $110/hr) but if this demand continues, rates will start to rise pretty quickly.

If you're a developer and haven't gotten the clue yet to get some sort of mobile tech on your resume, I'd whip out the text editor and start editing.


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