My Birthday Dinner Thursday, Thirsty Bear, 8 p.m.

So if you've been reading this weblog for any amount of time, you probably remember that I'm not actually a big drinker. Actually, I almost never drink, and really one or two beers will put me under the table and give me a hangover that lasts for days. Sad but true. Thus last week when I talked about finding some seedy bar and spending the evening drinking away my sorrows, it was really just a fervent wish on my part that I was type of person that could actually do that sort of thing.

So I decided it would probably be better to instead just plan to have a nice dinner at the Thirsty Bear tomorrow night at 8 instead. Mike and Elle are already coming, and I hope everyone who responded favorably to the debauchery I proposed last week, will come and just hang out for a relatively tame dinner party instead. :-) I actually much prefer intelligent conversation over drunken blathering anyways, so this is a much better option for my birthday, no? (Everyone has to read Fermat's Enigma by tomorrow so we have something deep to talk about).

Drop me an email or a comment if you're thinking about joining in (the more the merrier!) and I'll call and make some sort of reservation.



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