It's My Birthday!


Morning everyone! I went to bed *so* early last night. I tried reading one of my various books I'm working on and lasted about two pages before I just conked out. But I ended up waking up at around 6:30 this morning which is nice. I'd be a morning person if I could (I always end up being a night owl though... not sure why).

This is the third year that I've blogged my birthday: my 31st in 2003, then my 32nd last year (was that a year ago!?!? Help! Slow the ride down, I want to get off!) and now today is my 33rd. Nothing like blogging to make you aware of the passage of time. Oh, I've used that same birthday cake image every year... in case some of you are getting deja vu.

Something I didn't mention in previous years: I was born on a Thursday, like today. Which of course begs the quote. "This must be a Thursday... I could never really get the hang of Thursdays."



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