Welcome to my blog (redux)

I haven't even officially *started* at Yahoo, I've already caused a ruckus! Cool!

Well, good. I'm glad I get to teach everyone the lesson right away that this space is mine and mine alone. I write whatever I want here about anything I want and that will continue. I also moderate all comments based on no more than my whim and mood (better use your own blog if you really want to say something). And I also have a one-click method for banning anyone that I feel like by their IP address. No justification required! Pretty cool, hey? I think so! And if you don't like it, well you can just stop reading my blog! Any time you want, really! Distrust everything I say and ignore me completely. Seriously! Go away and don't come back! Shoo!

Just for the record, however, I'm not an "A-list" blogger. Neither my traffic nor my influence supports that sort of claim. I'm more of a "B-lister."


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