Moving Weekend

I got my keys yesterday for the little yellow house and stopped by last night after work to "test" what the commute will be like and it's going to be *nothing*. I can't wait. Even though the house is in Menlo Park, it's only three blocks away from University and Middlefield, which to me is really the center of Palo Alto. I'm so happy to have landed there as opposed to out in the sprawl beyond Professorville.

So now I have to move. Urgh. Because it's the last weekend of the month, there are no movers available until Wednesday. I organized this as badly as possible, so I end up paying for March rent at both apartments. But I'm so excited about having the new place I want to get stuff down there - and they're going to start cutting phone/cable/internet/electricity to my old place within a couple days anyways. In fact, my phone is already off - though my Internet still works. Good to know SBC has their priorities straight. :-)

So now I'm wondering if I can just do it myself. Go rent a UHaul (if there's any available, like I said, it's the last weekend of the month so everyone is moving) and using a dolly, I can get most of the furniture out myself. I've had several people (Mike, Diego, Romain) offer to help me move, so if something is particularly impossible, I can just pick up the phone. (Or the mobile, rather). I mean, I moved in here myself it should be possible. The difference is I moved IN with Ikea boxes, and I'm moving OUT with fully-assembled furniture. That's a big difference.

Since I woke up this morning to the simultaneous noise of a dump truck *and* a car alarm going off outside my window, I'm quite eager to get out to the burbs. Okay, if I'm going to do this I better get off my ass.



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