I got my PSP!


I'm so stoked! After standing in line for an hour and half last night in front of GameSpot (accompanied by Dr. Doval) only to be told that I couldn't have one because I didn't pre-order, I was happy to wander into a Best Buy this afternoon and snag a "PSP Bundle" for $349 which came with a game, a car adapter, and a screen protector. W00t! They wouldn't sell me the PSP without the bundle, but the receipt didn't give me any discounts, etc. so I may just take back a few of the things that I didn't want.

In addition to the bundle, I also picked up World Soccer Tour and Wipeout Pure and the PSP came with the whole Spider-Man 2 movie and a disk with a bunch of movie and game preview videos. I also pickedup a bigger Memory Stick Duo card to see if I can load up some movies on it as well. So, yeah, basically I went nuts... what can I say, I'm psyched about this device!

I'm at work, so I haven't had a chance to give it a full run-through, but man is this device sweet. It just does so much, I can't wait to explore it more and hook it up to other PSPs and an access point via the built-in WiFi, etc. I do have to say that the device isn't perfect: The screen picks up fingerprints like crazy, I have to say, and it's too damn shiny! I can see my face in the reflection and sometimes lights will reflect into one eye and not the other, giving you sort of a headache trying to find the right angle. It's also pretty hefty! I can imagine my hands/fingers getting tired after a playing for a while without my arms propped.

I'm really eager to play multiplayer on this thing to see how it works. I wonder if there's any other Yahoo's that have it... I'll have to wander around and see if I can see anyone geeking out. We should start an URLs PSP gaming club after work! :-D (There goes companywide productivity as "after work" becomes earlier and earlier... ;-) ).

Anyways, new gadgets make me happy. I can't wait to create a PHP website dedicated to P2P gaming on my PSP (sorry, I couldn't resist).



Oh, I almost forgot to write about the PSP commercial I saw last night. Have you seen it? It's set to the sound of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me out." It starts with a very brief shot of a Japanese factory worker closing the lid on the box (you're looking up from the vantage point of the PSP). Then there's all these shots of people opening the box, and then playing the game. You see them moving the device around and playing it with their tongues sticking out, etc. set to the beat, it's really great. "Taaaake me out!"


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