M:Metrics: American Mobile Usage Stats

US Mobile Subscriber Consumption of Content and Applications in Previous Month
  Projected Reach (000s)   Percent
Sent or Received Text Message 65,041 37.4%
Received Text Message Alert 14,538 8.4%
Sent Photo Message to Phone or Email 11,761 6.8%
Used Mobile Instant Messenger 14,633 8.4%
Used Mobile Email 24,175 13.9%
Downloaded Mobile Game 5,720 3.3%
Downloaded Ringtone 22,393 12.9%
Downloaded Display Graphic 10,860 6.2%
Accessed News and Information via Browser   22,053 12.7%

Source: M:Metrics, Inc. Survey of US mobile subscribers, quarter ending January 31st 2005, n=35,381. Data for photo messaging, ringtones and graphics downloads for two months ending January 31st 2005, n=23,209.

This is pretty cool, and that's just from their press release. I like being able to see hard numbers (to repeat ad-nauseum to anyone who'll listen to me blather).



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