Nokia and Yahoo!


Look at that! My two favorite companies (one being my employer) have just announced a deal to get Yahoo! services pre-installed on Series 60 phones. W00t! From the press release:

Nokia, the global leader in mobility, and Yahoo!, the number one global internet brand, today announced an agreement that allows millions of Nokia smartphone users to stay informed, entertained and in touch through Yahoo!'s rapidly developing internet services. Yahoo! data communications services such as e-mail, Yahoo! entertainment services such as ring tones, wallpapers and downloadable games and Yahoo! Search for Mobile, will be the first set of services available through Nokia devices based on Series 60, the industry-leading smartphone platform.

Sorry I can't expand on this more, I don't have anything to do with this project. But I've seen most of the stuff and you'll see it's going to be very cool. Of course, since the apps are getting pre-installed (a download will be available later I gather from the Press Release) getting it here in the U.S. will depend on getting access to the 6682 EDGE phone (the other phones aren't available in NA). Hopefully Cingular or T-Mobile get their act together soon and launch this phone here!


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