Tiger iSync Phones


I'm playing around with Mac OSX 10.4. Zeno sent me this great thread on how to get the new iSync to work with unlisted Series 60 phones. It involves navigating to a hidden folder and changing an XML doc. I was pretty annoyed when I first tried iSync and it said my 3230 (which I'm still using) wasn't supported. I tried the hack found in the thread and it works! Though I *really* can't understand why Apple is using a custom app to do the sync rather than using SyncML, but that's just me.

Anyways, while I was messing around in the iSync folder, I noticed all these .tiff files of other phones. So continuing to play I decided to use the Automator to grab all of those files and convert them into .pngs so I could throw them online. Worked like a charm! Though I have to say, there's really not a lot of phones in there.

Two second thoughts on the OS: Tiger is okay, though it's not without problems. My Finder crashed a couple times already and some apps aren't working. Spotlight is actually disappointing - it doesn't work nearly as well as Quicksilver IMHO.

At least my phone syncs now though!



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