Deep Throat: Mark Felt


Wow, this is very cool. W.Mark Felt's family has come out and announced that he was in fact Deep Throat. This is awesome - I haven't been waiting nearly as long as many people (I was even born until 1972) but still as someone who went to college for Journalism and has read All The President's Men more than a few times, it's very cool to get confirmation on the topic.

I say confirmation, because Felt's name has been out there for a while, including this article from 1999 in Slate, and a suspicious lunch Woodward had with Felt in 2002:

In the summer of 1999, [Bob] Woodward showed up unexpectedly at the home of Felt's daughter, Joan, in Santa Rosa, California, north of San Francisco, and took him to lunch, Joan Felt, who was taking care of him at her home, told me.

She recalled that Woodward made his appearance just after a mini-controversy broke in the press late July 1999 about whether Bernstein had told his then-wife, Nora Ephron, that Felt was Deep Throat. Woodward had been interviewing former FBI officials for a book he was writing on Watergate.

However, now confused because of the effects of a stroke, Felt was in no shape to provide credible information. Joan said her father greeted Woodward like an old friend, and their mysterious meeting appeared to be more of a celebration than an interview, lending support to the notion that Felt was, in fact, Deep Throat.

Gotta love a day when you wake up and history is being made, no? You also gotta love that These guys got it wrong....



Update: I'm on the first page of Google for a search on Mark Felt, so I'm getting morons leaving obnoxious comments about him, believe it or not. Trying to change history, I guess. (They'll just have to suck it up because it's not going to work.)

Felt wasn't an angel, but he is definitely a hero and we're all a lot better off for what he did, like it or not.

It's really too bad we don't have anyone like him around now who's willing to take a stand against the current pack of lying, power-abusing Republicans currently in office.


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