690MB Log File for May?


I was surprised, to say the least, when I went to look at something in my log file for may and discovered that it was over 690MB. What?!? Something must be wrong, that's *huge*. Doing a quick wc -l (a line count) on the file turns up a quick analysis of over 3.5 million hits for the month. Yeah, that's a new record. No wonder Tomcat was giving me grief a few weeks ago - I've got to make the switch to PHP soon.

But something is a bit weird as my StatCounter javascript tracker at the bottom of each page shows generally flat traffic for the past several months, if not a little downward slope. I wonder if I'm getting slammed by spammers or Search Engines run amok? I think I need to do some post-analysis on the log to see what other tools tell me about the traffic, as I'm also making more money than ever from AdSense ($1257 for May).

Anyone know a decent Mac log analysis package?


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