JavaOne Mobile News of Interest


Lots of interesting news coming out of JavaOne...

Nokia is finally going to support J2ME's Connected Device Configuration for Series 60 phones! What this should mean is that normal Java 1.3.1 code will be able to run on Series 60 handsets, give or take a few APIs that don't make sense in the mobile environment. This is great news, and something I've been waiting for since I got my first smart phone years ago. I *really* hope the developer tools released later this year include a runtime distributed as a .sis file, that would rule.

Fabrizio's Funambol announced an engineering agreement with Nokia to make sure that future Nokia phones work well with Sync4J, the open source SyncML server. Fabrizio was there in Helsinki pitching Nokia when Mike and I were in Finland a month back, so this is great news! Congrats!

Moto's got a new Linux/Java phone with a new UI (no screen shots yet). Slashdot is all aflutter because the thing gets massive battery life, but I'm psyched because another success for Silicon Valley's MontaVista Software and their Mobilinux OS. (Hopefully they'll be speaking at an upcoming Mobile Monday soon).

Hey, look at that. Mr. Marklar himself, Simon B. Woodside has rolled out a Semacode 2D barcode reader for J2ME! I haven't tried it yet, but this is cool stuff! It should be great for demos of all that QR phenomenon that's going on in Japan right now.

Lots of webcasts are happening over the next few days of the keynotes, so even if you aren't there, you can get a good idea of what's happening with Java. I'm catching the tail-end of the morning keynotes now.


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