iTunes Podcasting: Wow!


I'm sure every other blogger and their mother is going to be posting about the new iTunes Podcasting support, but I have to say I just loaded the client up and it's freaking cool. I'm really impressed with how well Podcasting is integrated into the iTunes client, and the "Music" Store is an incredibly good way to find podcasts and subscribe. I was able to roam around looking at what was available, double click on shows and listen to them live, click the "get episode" button to snag individual shows, and click the subscribe button to subscribe. And the best thing? It keeps the podcasts and my music in separate bins, so while playing music on shuffle I don't suddenly run into a 30 minute Podcast. Perfect!

Hmm, but one problem. I had to download the iPod Update for my shuffle (28MB!) in order for it to sync, but even after doing so I can't figure out how to get the podcasts on my iPod! There's a button labeled "Choose which podcasts are copied to your iPod," but then I click and there's no other options. Maybe I have to reboot? Weird.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll work out that glitch. In general though, Apple did an amazing job - they really embraced this grassroots movement and made the best iPodder out there. Very cool. Congrats to all the Podcast innovators out there that made this happen!


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