No headway, urgh!

I got nothing done yesterday on my project. I stared at my computer for a few hours, dicked around with some documentation, and basically got stymied by all the issues I talked about in yesterday's post. That sucks. I really, really, really need to move to PHP or not. This doesn't seem like it'd be a major issue, but it's driving me nuts. There's some internal resistance to it, I'm not sure why. Probably because I thought Java would probably be the last programming language I would ever need.

And it could be - I could just stick with what I know. But that's really the easy way out and not what I want to do. Mostly because PHP is increasingly the way people share new little web projects which appeal to me. Just in the past week, I downloaded Diggclone and the Phonifier code, both in PHP. Both neat projects that I wanted to check out, and small scripts to boot, not multi-megabyte .jar files filled with layers and layers of abstraction. This is cool. I want to be able to do these sorts of little projects and throw code like that up on my server whenever I want to as well, but in order to do that I need to finish my move to Apache/PHP from Tomcat.

Maybe I'll just port this weblog to WordPress and get it over with. I was initially resistant to that because I wanted to port over my custom code rather than try to figure out how to customize WP, but that's not happening and I need to get this over with some time. Plus I guess learning how WordPress works under the hood and how to create plugins would be useful as well since its so increasingly popular. We'll see...



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