Christian Lindholm Joins Yahoo!



I'm happy to help announce that Christian Lindholm, the father of the Nokia Series 60 and Navi-key UI has decided to come to Yahoo! as the VP of Global Mobile Products. Woohoo! This is very exciting - Christian is exactly the sort of experienced leader in the mobile industry that we want at Y!. But Christian isn't just an old-school mobile guy, he's also an innovative thinker who in addition to creating the interfaces used on hundreds of millions of phone, has spent the last year heading up the very cool Lifeblog project at Nokia.

You know, years before anyone else in the mobile industry, Christian engaged the blogging community both by reaching out to people like myself as well as creating his own blog online. Considering how insular and secretive many mobile companies are, especially Nokia, this is quite the feat. I can't wait to start working with him and cranking the innovation dial way up here at Yahoo!

Having been in contact with Christian for a couple years now, I can happily claim some credit for making this happen. I'll actually be reporting directly to him, which is great - it's particuarly nice when you can help recruit your own boss, no?

Very cool! Congrats Christian! Welcome aboard!



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