Writing, not Blogging

Wow... I've got to stop blogging and start *writing* again. This little snippet from Heather had me cracking up:

For the next two hours that kid’s head spun like the blades of a blender set to speed: PULVERIZE THE SHIT OUT OF IT. She crawled in and out of all the rooms in the house acting like she was trying to find the mind she had misplaced, and every time she turned a corner she’d giggle maniacally like, “It’s not in there!†Several times she had to stop and catch her breath because she was laughing so hard. If she had been capable of adult thought it would have gone like this, “Dude, it was here a second ago. Where’d it go? And, like, why am I all of a sudden craving Cheetos?â€

When we finally wrangled her into the bath she acted as if we had just dipped her into liquid Christmas. All this water? FOR HER? Do you have any idea the possibilities? We could barely distinguish the giddy screams from the thunderous sound of water splashing the walls and floor and innocent, dumbfounded animal sitting nearby wondering why we never told him that she can go to eleven. She’s only supposed to go to ten. He can live with level ten, but eleven? THAT WAS NOT THE AGREEMENT.

ROFL. I guess this is a parent thing... (and a druggie thing?)

The best part of that post though, all of Dooce's writing actually, is the fact that it's written with style, wit, and humor. I need to start making an effort to blog like that. There's no reason my words here can't be informative and entertaining...


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