AvantGo Goes RSS!


I've been hearing about this forever, but have been sworn to secrecy - finally AvantGo is supporting RSS!. I bemoaned AvantGo's lack of RSS support back in 2003 and I have to say it amazes me that they waited this long, but here it is. The original news aggregator (in my mind) has now caught to the present and now allows you to create "RSS Channels" (i.e. add an RSS feed) viewable from your mobile device. I just tried it out and it works pretty well. Cool!

"But wait!", you say, "the versions of the AvantGo client suck over mobile phones, and the support for Series 60 stopped at the 3650 two years ago!" Yes. That's true. However, you can get WAP2 access to AvantGo by hitting the site made for the Blackberry: http://rim.avantgo.com. With EDGE speeds or better on your mobile, I personally think this is a much better solution.

Finally! Gosh, I've been holding on to that one for a loooong time.


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