Quick Idea: Portable How-To Videos


A garage in Anytown USA. A car is jacked up and a someone is leaning over the engine humming to themselves. The camera circles around the hood and you see the mechanic/Dad/Mom/teen working on the car while wearing their trademark white iPod headphones humming to the music. The person suddenly stops for a minute and looks quizically while holding up an odd piece of metal and glances over to a dusty automotive manual laying on the ground in the corner.

The person then looks back at the gizmo, wipes their hand off on their overalls and pulls out the iPod video, stops the music and clicks over to the videos section where they choose "How to repair your car's thermometer" and continues the video which shows the metal in their hand, and how it fits into an odd place in the car. The person smiles and nods and clicks back to the music continuing their work...

Fade out... Logo. Tagline. :-)

QUICK! Someone call Bob Vila!


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