I'll be at the Inaugural Mobile Monday in London on the 7th

Very cool, it looks like I'll be in London in time for the Inaugural Mobile Monday in London. W00t! Looks like it's going to be a great start, with the first event held at Vodafone's offices in London. Rock on.

I'll be there the entire week, though with my bad reaction to jet lag and work, I doubt I'll be doing much there besides trying to stay awake in meetings, stumbling around like a zombie and trying to avoid getting hit crossing the street. So if you're in London and want to meet up, definitely head over to MoMo.

This of course means I won't be here in Silicon Valley for November's MoMo, sadly. Looks like Mike is on his own on this one. It's going to be about the money side of things VCs, financing, etc. I think we're still looking for a place, so if you'd like to volunteer a spot for 150+ of our favorite friends, please ping Mike.

Cool beans. Though I have to say how much I hate international flying. Airports and customs and cramped seats and 16 hour flights, jet lag, hotel rooms, etc. Bleh. I'm definitely getting old. ;-)


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