Zombie Thoughts

I'm such a wuss when it comes to Jet Lag. I'm a zombie and I've been sleeping since yesterday. Bleh.

Quick thoughts:

London is so cool. I forget how amazingly packed it is, with people bustling like crazy everywhere. The first place I ever travelled outside the U.S. was London back in 1994, so it brings back a lot of memories.

However, I will never, ever, ever get used to driving on the left. Every time the cab driver takes a right into oncoming traffic I have a heart attack.

It's not that cold. It's supposed to get nasty tonight, but now it's not bad. I'm actually glad people gave me the impression I was landing in a Siberia-like climate, however, othwerwise I really would've showed up in short sleeves, etc.

I really need an internal blog and/or learn how to use email better. One of my coworkers just said... I read your blog this morning and found out you were arriving. Doh!

O2 picked up my phone first at the airport... Wouldn't allow me to moderate my blog comments using NetFront though. Changed to Orange and it worked. I forgot I had set my phone to "GSM Only" (you can do that with the 6680 which I did since I was in the U.S.) so it took me a while to figure out why I didn't see the little 3G icon show up. Just browsing networks now and I see: T-Mobile UK, Orange, O2-UK, 3 UK, Vodafone UK (all with 3G logos next to them). I chose Voda... not sure how that'll work out (still no 3G logo), or what the bill will be like. We'll see... Someday I'll have to figure out how all this works at all, since my APN is still pointing at the old ATT mMode settings.

Wow, Y! offices are pretty big. I had no idea.

More when I wake up.


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