Amp'd Mobile's Killer App?


Rafat got the word that The Facebook might be working on a mobile version of their psychotically popular social networking site on Amp'd's new network. Wow. That'd be a killer combination, if you ask me, and it'd be a massive win for a new service like Amp'd.

I can't say I'm a huge Mobile Social Networking fan. I think there are have been enough attempts so far at it, that if it hasn't taken off yet, it probably won't without some other magic ingredient. And I don't think that ingredient is another feature like LBS, I'm talking about another solid reason to use the social network - like MySpace's music stuff, or the FaceBook's school focus. The Friendster lesson is simply that networking for networking's sake gets you lots of users, but then if there's no there there, they go away as quickly as they arrived.

Personally, I think that if mobile socialnetworking networking sites have a fault, it's not that they're missing a feature, it's that they have too many. I think drastically simpler services like PartySync will in the end, end up drawing more users and use than all these complex friend of friend schemes out there.

Still, you can't help but wonder at what will happen if/when Amp'd launches Facebook Mobile, and what sort of sound a bazillion horny/drunk students out there will make as they move simultaneously to their network. ;-)


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