Trying Not To Die For Another 22 Hours


In case you forgot (and I had until I read the news this morning), Amp'd Mobile is launching tomorrow. Finally! I've been hearing about these guys - the 3G MVNO - for over a year now. It's exciting to finally see them launch! It'll be incredibly interesting for the whole industry to see how they do with their network and multimedia focus. Their success or failure will show the rest of us if consumers are ready for these services (which have been promoted by the 3G providers for literally a half a decade now).

Amp'd looks like it's starting strong with the right partners for their demographic, I'll say that. Today they announced a deal with MTV which looks very comprehensive:

Under the terms of the agreement, Amp'd Mobile will deliver video clips, ringtones, ringbacks, screensavers, wallpapers and more from MTV Networks' leading properties to its subscribers over its 3G broadband wireless platforms. Additionally, the two companies will collaborate on original made-for-mobile content created exclusively for Amp'd Mobile subscribers, including interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, and other short-form video programming. MTV Networks also is working with Amp'd to make URGE, MTV Networks' forthcoming digital music service, available to Amp'd subscribers.

Everything from ringtones to made-for-mobile content, in addition to MTV making a $50 million investment in the company as well. By the way, if you didn't know, MTV is doing quite a bit in the mobile media space already internationally - so this is another indicator that they are going full-bore in the market. Amp'd also announced deals with UPN and CBS too, which seem pretty neat.

On their home page is a bunch of streaming Flash video from their various media partners. If you got that same experience on a mobile, it'll be a killer service. I've seen Verizon's VCast video and I have to say it's pretty slick and works as advertised, and I've seen positive consumer reactions to mobile multimedia (music and video) in general, so I think that Amp'd has a real opportunity to make a real splash. I can't believe they cut it so close to Christmas though! That couldn't have been part of the original plan - they've missed a huge opportunity to come out of the box flying this year by selling a ton of phones as presents. Oh well, there's a lot more opportunity to come in the next year or so as well, and with big brands like MTV helping them along, I'm sure they'll have a fighting chance.

22 hours until launch... Like their branding campaign asks, I'll be trying not to die in the intervening time.


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