New Year!

Alright! I'm back from my break. I didn't go anywhere, but it was *very* relaxing to be able to get away from my computer for a couple weeks and not have to maintain comments or worry about keeping up with news, etc. My parents were visiting and Christmas was its normal chaos, so I didn't spend nearly as much quality time with my video games as I wanted to, but in general it was very re-invigorating.

Lots of stuff to get accomplished this year! 2005 was a good year, not nearly as much of a disaster that 2004 was. I feel like I might be regaining my footing, so to speak, so I'm really looking forward to 2006.

Wow, I really liked not having to maintain my comments. No comment spam for almost three weeks was a major relief. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this - one side of me loves having interactivity, but another side definitely gets obsessive about checking comments, and another gets annoyed at having to filter so many of them. I may go into broadcast mode for a while (ie no comments) and see if I still get the same buzz from blogging. If not, I'll turn them back on. I get so much good info from my comments and they add so much search engine juice.

Hmm. I probably should have some resolutions for the new year, hey? Lose weight (that's always a good one). Get more organized (as always). Talk less, do more (in general). Start building up my bank account (as opposed to constantly draining it). Try to do something really cool by the end of the year?

Anyways, welcome to the new year! Hope you had a good holiday!


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