Fire Sale!

I am going to try to sell off a bunch of gadgets I have in my closet. This is a general pain in the ass, as the most available market is eBay, which takes forever to sell anything, plus it costs a ton: eBay fees + PayPal fees + shipping (which you can charge for, but the time involved costs a certain amount as well). Craigslist is another alternative, but it's hit and miss. For popular stuff like tickets, TVs and game consoles, it's great. For random gadgets like I have? Not so much.

First up is my XBox 360. I just threw the bundle up onto Craigslist for $1000.

Next is my Mac mini: That's going for $550: 1GB RAM, 80GB HD, Combo Drive, WiFi/Bluetooth, Keyboard, Mouse.

Then there's a bunch of other stuff which is just sitting in my closet, that I have no idea how to price.

2 Apple iSights
Apple Mighty Mouse
Airport Express
512MB iPod Shuffle
iPod in-ear headphones (with unused covers)

Palm Zire 21
Zodiac 2 with 128MB of RAM, Universal Travel Kit, Gaming Grip, Games: Tiger Team, GTS Racing, Spy Hunter, Tony Hawk
Palm WiFi SDIO Card

Creative MuVo 256MB
Jabra Headset BT200

N-Gage Original
N-Gage QD
( N-Gage Games: Tomb Raider, FIFA 2004, NCAA 2004, Tiger Woods 2004, Spider-Man, Pandemonium, Super Monkey Ball, Crash Bandicoot, Pathway to Glory )
Nokia 6010
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3230
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6010 (T-Mo, GoPhone)
Nokia 6620 (ATT locked)
Motorola A845 (ATT)
Motorola V550 (Vodafone)
SonyEricsson T610
SonyEricsson Z500

Motorola i730 (Boost Mobile)
Nokia 6255i (MetroPCS)

Crap... listing all this stuff on eBay is going to be a massive PITA. The world really needs a Used Record Store for Consumer Electronics, you know?


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