Designer Needed:

Hey - so it's been a good 6 months or so since we went to Helsinki and promised the Mobile Monday international guys that we'd clean up the site, so I guess it's time to actually, you know, get around to doing it.

What I need is a designer we can hire (inexpensively if possibly, this will be coming out of my personal pocket at first) to help with two simple designs. The first is a "global" page that will present to new visitors point to all the different groups around the world. Maybe a map of some sort with points on it for all the different MoMos? It'd have to be updateable some how as new ones are getting added all the time, so just one image won't be great. Hopefully we can come up with something interesting.

Next is a template for the Mobile Monday blog - for both WordPress and Blogger, and hopefully a CSS we can use for a PHPBBS or something. Some nice images, color scheme, etc. Nothing fancy. We'll be working not just with me, but with the mothership as well. The idea is to have a main page which will probably live with those guys, and then all of us can have independent sites with a nice template, and links back to everyone else, etc.

If you're a designer and are interested, please ping me.

By the way, Mobile Monday in January will be on the 16th, as the holidays and other issues have cramped our style a bit. We're still looking for a place for 250 or so of my favorite people in the Valley, so if you know of a place, please ping me as well.



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