80 cups to go...


Diego and Mike it seems have begun their 100 Cups of Coffee in 48 Hours. I joined them in partaking of the inaugural cup of java yesterday around 6 p.m., but after that I let them go off to meet their destiny alone. They have decided to standardize on Starbucks fresh-ground coffee and a Starbucks measuring cup of 2 tablespoons per cup, and to use the measurements found on the side of their coffee makers to define the size of each cup as well (usually there are two cups per mug-o-cafe so they're jumping two at a time.

Mike is documenting it all on Flickr. The last pic it seems was around 2 a.m. He wasn't up late because of the caffeine, it was insomnia. He just couldn't stop thinking about coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee!


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