So Evil It's Funny

Mike IMed this to me and I sprained something trying not to spit my muffin all of the computer. From last month's Defective Yeti:

In a telling indicator of how we view the Vice President, every media outlet apparently feels the need to put the qualifier "accidentally" between the words "Cheney" and "Shoots" in their headlines, e.g., "Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter," "Cheney accidentally shoots Austin man while hunting," etc..

If you read "Bush Stabs Fellow Napper," you'd chuckle knowingly and say "oh, that loveable bumbler -- what will he do next?" But with Cheney they actually have to waste valuable headline space to clarify that, in this particular instance, shooting a septuagenarian in the face was not part of his Master Plan.

Oh my god, that's funnny. Check out the site for links to bonus John Stewart video. Sorry for the delay... I think I was in Europe during that whole bit so I must have missed it.


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