Be HAPPY, MobHappy!


To: Carlo and Russell
From: Russ
Subject: Curmudgeons!


What's the deal with you guys lately!?!? I expect constant cynicism and skepticism from TechDirt Wireless, but MobHappy? I mean the name of your site ends in HAPPY... you know, as in, "Hey, this is a really fun market!," and "Thank goodness we're lucky enough to work in such an exciting, constantly new, on the brink of changing the world-type industry," and "I'm so HAPPY to be in mobiles!"... Yeah? You know?

I mean, come on! You guys are as bitter as old crones. What happened? Did you short Qualcomm stock? Did Motorola's browser give you a 413 error? Were you disappointed that Toothing wasn't real? Do you not get enough Java in your BREW? Does your operator still have a walled garden? Is trying to remember Nokia's product numbers driving you crazy? Did the price of of your favorite ringtone service just go up? Did you expect that MMS was going to take over the world, or are your thumbs just tired from all that texting and it's making you grumpy? Are you just sick and tired of typing out SonyEricsson and wondering what BenQ really stands for? Is that it? Really! Lighten up! This is an incredible time to be involved in mobility! This stuff is great!

Seriously, you don't *always* have to find the negative side to every news story or announcement (it's a real bummer), and you don't have to buy into the hype either. There's a nice balance there somewhere, I'm sure.

Just a thought.


P.S. This letter is so amusing to me, I'm going to make it open. :-)

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