Christian's 2006 Predictions

Yahoo's own VP of Global Mobile Products, Mr. Christian Lindholm is down at CTIA this week and has been inspired to lay down his thoughts about mobility in 2006. I won't give him (much) slack for waiting until the beginning of Q2 to make his 2006 predictions because, you know, he's my boss and like I keep telling him when I turn in my reports - better late than never! :-D Much of his thoughts are of course is in line with our core mobile products at Y!, but he also includes a plug for his favorite handset the Nokia N90, despite it being a bit of a "clonker" (more like two battleships on a hinge... but it does take snazzy photos!).

Here's his list:

1. Mobile e-mail will be the key theme in mobility for 2006
2. The cameraphone is being perfected during 2006
3. I think mobile search will be a big topic in 2006
4. Mobile Music is going to be a huge topic in 2006
5. Waiting for killer transformers
6. Mobile VOIP is still hype in 2006

Check out Christian's weblog for more. :-)


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