Workin' in a coal mine...

Who liked "Joe Vs. the Volcano?" It was quite odd, filled with bad acting and generally a poor performance by all involved. However, I thought it was great. I love the idea of this guy breaking away from his normal day job in the dreariest office in the world and setting sail with the most incredible 4 pieces of luggage ever known to man. And a multiple personality Meg Ryan. That's cool as hell to me.

I was up late last night again messing with shitty IM libraries for BlogAgent. I went to bed at like 6 a.m. This is good because I was awake when Alex woke up and was able to feed him. He's eating 150ml of mother's milk - sometimes formula - every feeding now. This is great... it's wonderful to see your kid grow and get hungrier by the moment. We've also started trying to get him on some sort of schedule. Ana's pretty bad at the whole schedule thing - I married her for lots of reasons, one of them being she's as chaotic as I am. Finally last night we decided to just "fill the tank" before Alex goes to bed. At midnight I filled up the "big" bottle (250ml) to the brim with formula and then I sat him down and fed him until he couldn't eat any more. And then I gave him some more. And some more. And then when he looked like he was going to puke milk all over me, I stopped. Normally he eats until he decidedes he's had enough. But that means he eats every 2 hours or less and that's driving Ana nuts (and she's driving me nuts).

And the results? Last night he slept until 4:30 a.m. PERFECT! Then I went in and fed him again, not as much as last time because he's half asleep and will definitely cough up if I try too much, and he slept until 7. Wow. That's wonderful. The thing is that Alex is as random as his parents. A system that works for a couple days, doesn't always last.

The bad thing is that I missed the morning with him. From 7 a.m. until around noon, he's the best baby in the world. He smiles, responds, laughs, giggles, the whole bit. When I woke up he was back to his normally fussy self. Man you should have heard him cry when I gave him a bath today. What lungs! The neighbors must think we're the worst parents ever. Ana's been giving him baths during the day while I'm at work, so I haven't done it in a while... OBVIOUSLY, I missed some part of the routine because he went nuts - and Ana who was down at the market buying her fruit (Europe is cool) wasn't around to tell me what I was doing wrong. But dark cloud has a silver lining - he cried so hard that he's now sleeping like an angel. Cool. Now I can write this. ;-)


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