20 Degrees!?!?

It's 20 degrees celcius/ 70F here in Madrid today. WTF? It's been over 40/100F for a month and suddenly it drops like 20 degrees in a day. Weird. From what I guess it's like living in central Texas here. Hot or cold.

A little known fact is that Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe. We're on this huge plateau next to a range of mountains. Actually, because of the Pyrenees, Spain actually has more mountains than the other European countries too.

Anyways, I ran across this link this morning on DayPop: http://www.textbased.com/~minimalist/ . It's a list of minimalist websites. I'm ALL for minimalism as you can see on this blog. Maybe a little better designed minimalism, but the idea is the same.

JABBER STILL DOESN'T WORK. DJ, WTF is up with that system?


Today's posts brought to you by the letters W, T and F...

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