Steve is god

I don't own a Mac (though I would like to) but in the past few years I've gotten into watching Steve Jobs' MacWorld addresses. His famous "one more little thing..." introductions are always pretty cool. He can add the most mundane service or functionality to the Mac platform and make it sound like the best thing since the mouse.

I'm watching it now. It's on a continuous broadcast loop. How can you tell I live in Spain now and not Silicon Valley? Not one of my Spanish co-workers knew who Steve was. Even after I explained, they were pretty non-plussed. I'm like it's STEVE!!!

The bit with Sony Ericsson was pretty cool. Made me look at the their web page which is also one of the those minimalist websites which I really dig. Simpleface is now one of those.

Another simple site which rocks: Amazon Light. It's a Google-like version of using Web Services to get live data from Really nice.

Looks like it'll be a productive evening... we'll see.


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