Sputnik wins!

Well, it just happens that Slashdot just posted a story about Sputnik, a company that's going to be doing everything I was talking about below for Manywhere. This is good, because I think it's a good idea, and I hate to see it just not come to light.

Weblogic Workshop

This looks pretty interesting. I JUST got ADSL today (after 4 months and waiting forever for Telefonica to get their act in gear. What a joke!) so I downloaded the new developer tool from BEA. Pretty interesting - the IDE is wild. It includes a version of Weblogic, which is nice, and all the tools you need to do web services... This is really cool, so I'm going to have to figure out how to use. Though, like I said below, I'm currently in love with JDeveloper (even IF it takes up like 180 Megs of RAM to run... ugh!)


I'm playing around with a pet project to post these weblogs so I don't have to use Radio. Not that I don't want to give some cash to Dave & company, it's just I think this sort of thing can be done easily with Java. I'm going to throw a demo together to see if I'm right.


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