I get it no

Another day, another great discovery. Slashdot is running a story right now about wireless networking (like I was talking about before) and contained a link to this interesting article . In it, the guy talks about trying to create a wireless IP startup, but the "ancillary" services like security and billing cost more than actually providing the bandwidth... If this is true (and I'm sure it is) it sort of blows my Manywhere idea out of the water. Oh well... You can see my thoughts I posted here.

More with J2EE

Man, Oracle has it down. I just downloaded the latest JDeveloper IDE from their development site and it rocks hard. I'm now doing my Java development using it and it's great. The BEST thing about it is that Oracle has purchased or licensed the OrionServer code and renamed it the Oracle 9i Application Server and it's included as an integrated part of the IDE. COOL! I've been using Orion for the past two years and I can't say enough what a great product it is. Super fast JSP pages, easy set up with all XML config files, small (10 megs), super J2EE compliant... it's really great. Before I was cohosting my web site I had my own server running Orion and it was great. Never gave me any problems. JDeveloper has everything included that you could want - integrated UML, webservices, fast debugging - both integrated and through the server, J2EE wizards for setting all the XML files, etc. Really nice.

To make sure I'm up on all the latest, I also installed WebSphere, which I've used before, but I wanted to make sure that the stuff I'm playing with for EventEngine actually runs on this app server too. Comparing the size and resource requirements for this server compared to something as streamlined as Orion is a joke. IBM has a lot of smart people working there, but I think they're still trapped in the KLOC mentality (thousand lines of code). They must be... Websphere takes literally 10 times as much disk space as Orion/Oracle 9iAS...

I finally found my Oracle CD too. It had been lost for months - so that's back up too because I want to play with the integration of JDeveloper and Oracle. I've got about 300 megs left on my 18 Gig hard drive after installing all this crud.. (just kidding).


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