There's been a BUNCH of work done on the hsqldb project! It's a small Java based db that you can embed in your Java applications. It's great. It even plugs right into your web server, which is EXACTLY what I need right now. The Manywhere Journal app uses a db and I was trying to get the old version of hsql to function within the same memory space and wasn't getting very good results. The newest version of the library has a bunch of great updates including a servlet which does exactly that. Perfect!

I can use this for two things, the stand-alone Journal app I'm making, and to include inside a .war app for a Wiki. That makes the Wiki code I have a lot more portable. Drag and drop really. That's very, very cool. I had a lot of trouble getting the wiki code to work correctly at Telefonica because Oracle's such a bitch. Having all the db stuff integrated into the WAR makes it perfect for that type of situation. Drop it in and go. I'll have to find time to work on that.

It's late once again when I'm doing these cool things. The great thing, however, is that all this stuff I'm putting together is finally organized into projects with their own ANT build scripts and so I can walk away for a few weeks, then jump back into the code without much problem. I haven't worked on the Journal code for a few months, actually. But no biggie, I just picked up where I left off. Nice. This is all pretty fun. I like being able to have a computer at home for my own projects and a computer at work. I should have been working this way years instead of mixing everything up on one laptop. Never again. Everything is going to be separate from now on.

Going to bed. I really need to add the "auto-paragraph" to this app so I don't have to keep on adding the paragraph tags... ;-)


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