Only 3 1/2 hours sleep last night

That was quick, I know. Only 3 1/2 hours sleep last night, but I feel pretty good. I'm sure it'll hit me later. I really need to NOT pull all nighters any more.

I woke up this morning and my BlogAgent wasn't working. I think the problem was that I wasn't sending presense info to the server enough so it timed me out after a while. It wa a bit weird though that it just stopped working. The other problem is that the timer I was using for some reason wouldn't allow 5 minute intervals. It's a cron-like scheduler, so I should be able to set an alarm 5 minutes from now, and then when the alarm goes off, set it again 5 minutes later. But for some reason it wasn't working. I don't have FTP from work, so I can't fix it until I get home tonight... too bad.

Last night before falling asleep I thought of a cool feature that is probably already part of BlogToaster - importing the OPML lists that already exists for Radio users into the BlogAgent db! It's so obvious and would have taken me another 10 minutes, so I'm sorry I didn't think of it before I went to bed!

Okay, work calls.


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