BlogAgentMSN bugs...

Okay, I've added a MSN BlogAgent now and it's running. Try it out by sending a message to via MSN Messenger.

Here's some bugs before you get nuts: the news feeds don't work because they're too long and MSN Messenger doesn't like them. I cut up the response to the Weblogs list in case you imported a huge opml list, but I didn't do it to the news stuff just yet.

Secondly, I think the JMSN libraries are really cool, but I have NO idea how to add a newline. \n and
don't work. So I need to do some more homework. Sourceforge is great. I can't seem to find a Yahoo Java library, but I found an AOL one tonight. Cool, we'll see how that works tomorrow.



P.S. Crap, I've got to post the new files before I go to bed. The zip'll be in the same place as before.

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