Added Disqus Comments


Wow, Disqus is actually pretty slick. You sign up, fill in the basics, add a line of HTML/JavaScript to your site and bam, threaded commenting. Pretty cool.

There's so many things to like about this sort of system:

1) Someone else can deal with the signups and spam, not me.

2) Someone else can deal with the never-ending comment feed bot traffic, not me.

3) My content stays mine and separated from a third-party commenting system. If I decide I don't feel like having comments again, I can take them off my site, but commenters keep their contributions.

4) Integrated community troll tracking makes it easier to weed out the morons.

5) The comments, I think, will remain out of the search indexes, keeping results focused on my content, not random combinations of comment text.

I like it! I just slapped the JavaScript into my individual post page, so feel free to try it out and tell me what you think, right in the comments. :-) If they work out, I'll integrate them throughout the rest of the blog (like on the front page and in my feeds, etc.).

Sorry for the extra ads lately, but I'm trying to bump up the daily earnings from the blog, and it's working, so they're staying. My full-content feeds and the front page remains ad-free however, so feel free to subscribe and/or read the front page only.


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