Added Memeorandum's Leaderboard to Mowser


I just saw that the Memeorandum Leaderboard is up, dynamically tracking the top 100 political web sites. Cool! It's another great list of sites, so I just added it to the front page of Mowser. It's a perfect match, actually, as people who discover Mowser via search engines may think it's an interesting idea, but not know of any good sites to try it out on right away. Now there's a nice list of the top 100 tech websites, and the top 100 political websites right on the front page for them to try, in addition to the 2,000 top feeds I've put together myself which are all tagged for easy discovery.

Thanks again to Gabe for making the OPML list available - I've linked to the "mini" mobile versions of both his sites prominently at the top of each list to make sure I'm returning as much of the favor as I can. :-)


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