AdSense for Mobile: Day 4 and the GOOG has arrived


Holy crud. The GOOG is catching up and fast... I actually didn't take down the AdSense ads yesterday as planned since I had hacked it into the code and hadn't gotten a chance to un-hack it just yet. As a result, I got another day's numbers and it looks like Google's Mobile ads have caught up to my AdMob earnings in just 4 days. With this level of growth, I'm going to have to keep it for a bit more and see what happens.

Here's my stats table right from my AdSense report... (Is this against their TOS? I'm not sure what the latest rules are. Well, fuck'em if they cut me off, I'll use AdMob anyways.)

Date Page impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM Earnings
Wed, September 19, 2007 33,372 58 0.17% $0.10 $3.50
Thurs, September 20, 2007 40,626 109 0.27% $0.14 $5.65
Fri, September 21, 2007 42,525 174 0.41% $0.29 $12.23
Sat, September 22, 2007 43,197 248 0.57% $0.47 $20.35
Totals 159,720 589 0.37% $0.26 $41.74
Averages 39,930 147     $10.43


Update: On Sunday, I replaced the table with the final Saturday numbers, which were a bit bigger.

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