AdSense for Mobile: Google has competition, I'm making bank with AdMob

Date Page impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM Earnings
10/11/07 41,069 2,572 6.26% $1.80 $73.18
10/12/07 38,193 2,840 7.44% $1.98 $75.00
10/13/07 44,536 3,122 7.01% $1.73 $76.37

Wow! A few days ago I noticed my earnings from Google's mobile ads were starting to taper off around $30 a day, so I decided to flip the switch and start showing AdMob ads again so I could compare what the results would be like with my recently increased traffic. I literally changed one line of code, and everywhere where I had been previously showing Google AdSense, I began showing AdMob ads. POW! I more than doubled my income per day - not only is the eCPM higher in general, but the click through rate is 7%..., which is crazy high. I'm not sure what exactly the difference is - but obviously Mowser users like AdMob ads better - either what they're advertising, the targeting, how they're formatted or something.

This makes me feel so much better!! I was feeling horrible using AdSense and not my buddies at AdMob, so it's great to see that not only are they competitive, they are still leading the way still in the market they helped create. W00t!

That said, the traffic is 100% due to Google putting me back in the index in a big way... without the search traffic, I'd still be at 5,000 page views a day again, rather than the 3 MILLION mobile page views a month I'm currently enjoying and rising. (So, really, thank you Google!) I was just worried they were going to come in and steamroll over the establish players, but it looks like that's not happening any time soon.

BTW, the page view numbers in the table above (roughly 40k a day) are just for my monetized pages. There's a LOT more pages that I'm delivering that either have no ads, or the advertising from the publisher instead - remember, I re-use a site's Google AdSense ID if they have one when I adapt the pages, so a site already has ads on their web version, their mobile version does as well.

Very cool - if this keeps up, I might actually be able to pay rent next month... cool, no? :-)


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