Ahh, that explains this email...

Got this yesterday...

Hi Russell A,

I am a member of Microsoft's staffing team. I know a lot of people from Yahoo! have been reaching out to us lately because they are nervous about the layoffs.

I would love the chance to speak with you confidentially about opportunities, your career path, and professional interests.

If you are open to having a brief conversation, or know someone who would be, I'd love to hear from you and request a copy of a resume. I look forward to hearing from you!


[Name Removed]

Microsoft Global Central Sourcing Team Consultant
c/o One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

Seems the whole company was in on it. [Update: If it wasn't clear, the guy thought I was still working for Y! for some reason. Maybe my resume? But judging from the ALL CAPS name, it's probably some old internal mailing list.]


PS: Notice the use of my middle initial above, very amusing.

Update: Just heard the Balmer conference call where he spoke in part to the employees of Yahoo. Oh come on. My options were priced at $32... so a $31 offer isn't going to be particularly exciting for anyone who joined Y! in the past few years. I think everyone was hoping to get to Google level stock numbers once the advertising system was in place or something... Regardless, I can't imagine many technical or social areas where MS and YHOO are compatible so speaking to the employees is a bit nutty. Anyone who stays after a MS purchase won't be working there for the love of the company, that's for sure.


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